Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Sneak Peek

Good Morning,

     It's a beautiful chilly morning here at home. Family brunch is over and its my time to sit back in the cove to create and relax. So here I am, music playing with Remy curled up at my feet pondering what I should make next. All sorts of fun happenings the last part of last week. Girls night with my sister and niece Friday night was just what I need.  Amazing how a walk around a craft store boosts my creative side.

On the planning side of things:
     Last week of the month and I'm still using it. My sister decided to do a bullet journal and gifted me her happy planner this week so I'm just now starting to try and get it set up and plan how I want to use it.

     January has actually been a  big month for me and crafting as a whole. Working on cards, ideas flowing for ones I'd like to make, and just sitting here coloring images. We've set a budget (yes I hate that word) for our house hold. I have a monthly allowance starting in February for my crafts. Goal is a homemade family Christmas this year. So I need to start the work early.,  I've add a few things to my collection this month to help with that. My Mommas should be completed before to much longer.
     One amazing thing about my guy is he really listens when I say what I'd like. Valentine's Day is our anniversary. I told him I'd love a MISTI (who wouldn't) but told him that he could get the Stamp Perfect much cheaper and use a coupon. So this is what I got as an early anniversary present my stamp press and some shaker card pieces. I've already played with the stamp perfect and I love it.
1 Year Anniversary

So for the sneak peak. Below is the beginnings of the official Sassy Cove sign. I'm so excited. Every color was carefully chosen and pulled together with the help of Skull. Designed in Design Space and cut using my Explore Air. The layering is a challenge that he is looking forward to. (He does most of the layering transferring and layering on any vinyl project.

What are you all working on right now?
Happy Crafting

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