Friday, January 6, 2017

World's Worst Blogger


That would be me. The world's worst blogger. I started it was excited about it and wanted to learn all the ins and outs and continue into the awesomeness that can be blogging. Several things, I let life get in the way, started not one, but two new jobs. A new relationship, love him but man does that cut into the "free" time I had before. Then you add in trying to figure out this app and how to post, follow and comment using it. Other than posting is that even possible? Needless to say this along with my crafting (for the most part) took a back seat to other things in life.

This year my goal is to be more organized. Even bought a planner (wonder if I'll use it past January) to help me stay on track. My crafting goal is to send more happy mail. Wether it be hand made cards, little baskets for Valentine's Day or Easter, just random gifts created using my Cricut, stamps/dies and various craft supplies. And to be a more active blogger.

To get me jumpstarted on this project I have went through my entire planner and every birthday for the year is already documented both in the monthly view and in the weekly  layouts so I know who's birthday's coming up and when I need to mail out the happy mail. (Side note, I think I could really get into planner decorating)

It's the first week of the new year and I'm excited to say that I've moved into our new home and have a whole room dedicated to my craft haven. 

Progress Pics
 From dull and stained to beautiful Swan Lake.

My sweetie and my Momma have been hard at working getting it all pulled together for me. 

I think it's coming along beautifully.

As I sit here typing this I'm eager to get in there, get it set up and get crafting. This weekend is all about setting up the craft room. Hey, if eastern NC is going to snowbound I might as well enjoy it. ❄️

See ya soon, with updates on the room and even a craft or two ~ Phoebe

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