Sunday, February 19, 2017

Project Organization: Stamps

    Time to get everything organized so its easy to come in get what I want out and craft. I've been in here for a little while now and I've learned some of the ways I had originally organized my room is just not working for me. So this weekend I started with my stamps. 
    Boy do I have a lot of them. I've started a stamp binder. I did it for two reasons. One, to be able to glance through and see the images I have when I want to sit down and create without having to drag out all my stamps and go through them. Two, so I can hopefully avoid buying duplicates.  My binder and stamps will all be organized by manufacturer. Right now its kind of time consuming to get it caught up. But it should be easy to maintain once I get through this part.

     My storage will be similar to that of Jennifer McGuire. I'll be using Avery Elle pockets or Simon Says Stamp pockets to store my stamps and matching dies. I'll be placing them by manufacturer in the baskets. I however, will not be sorting alphabetically or by theme at this time.
Below are some links to the items I'm using:

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  1. Organization is always so time consuming, but it is sooooo nice when it is finished.