Saturday, March 25, 2017

SSS Card Kit -- April 2017

Eek!!! So excited my first ever Simon Says Stamp Card kit came today. It feels like I've been waiting for it forever, since watching all the sneak peak videos on YouTube.
Box full of happiness right here.

Already stamped out the images and added them to my stamp inventory binder. Shocked? Me to. Then instantly on to stamping and coloring.

I used my Spectrum Noir markers to color the images, using only the colors I have on hand I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
Elephant -- was a bear for me to color. I started with his ears in a light pink (PP3). Then moved on to my greys. I used the combo of IG1, IG2, and IG4, there was a lot of tip to tip method involved and some hmm, lets just go one solid grey, followed by some detailed shading. He's a little darker than I had hoped but I think he is just adorable.
Lion -- was tricky for me as well. I'm limited to my markers I have on hand and can usually come up with a combo that works for me. Well I have never colored a lion before. I ended up using my flesh tones and a yellow. I used FS3, TN2 and CT1 to get the fur color for my lion. His mane I went with GB8 and GB10.
Giraffe -- I am absolutely in love with him. He was the first image I tackled and I had the most fun picking out the colors I needed to try and shade him. I used the same combo with him as I did on the lion adding PP3 to his ears and cheeks, with IG 6, IG8, and IG10 for his hooves.
Penguin -- I used a simple go to combo of IG6, IG8, and IG10 for the darker areas. For his beak and little feet I used OR1 and GB5. For the white belly I used IG2 and my colorless blender to add some shading.  
First completed project: So simple and so true.
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