Sunday, March 11, 2018

Happenings and Life Update

I don't think when I decided to go back to college, that I really thought it through in terms of just how much it would take over my life. On a good note, I am digging deep and getting it done. On a not so good note I'm missing out on the things in life I enjoy on  a daily bases.

 I missed posting here last week as well as on my YouTube channel as the time I would normal do this my nose was buried in a book for school. That and well Tuesday night much to my happiness Randall proposed. So I am about to become the happiest woman in the world.

 Wedding planning, well all that's already done. But we'll get to that in next weeks post.

 I am hoping this week with the help of my bullet journal to get back on track and manage to sneak in the things I enjoy as well as my school work.  

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