Wednesday, February 21, 2018

YouTube, Un-boxing, and More

So about that youTube channel, I'm still learning but having a blast in the process. (Feel free to add any tips or tricks to using an iPhone and iMovies to produce edit them, please don't hesitate to let me know.

 For today's video I did an un-boxing video of this months Boho Berry Box. It came out a little earlier this month which I am so excited about, getting it two days before the new month started was pushing it for me in terms of getting the next  month set up in my bullet journal. Looking forward to setting up March and seeing how I can use this months box to get my life a little more organized. 

For this video Randall, did the taping so I could do all the rest. I definitely have to get better lighting here in the Cove. Let me know what you think. 

Boho Berry Box (Feb 2018) Unboxing

Coming this weekend I’ll have part 2 of the floating tea cup floral video. Shara has issued the next challenge St. Patrick’s Day decor for under $10 so stay tuned for that as well.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Idle Chatter

Hi everyone,

If you've been around a while you know I was all set to make some changes and refine several areas of my life as we began 2018. I'll saddened to say I've only managed to stay on track with maybe two of those goals.

I did enroll in college and will be starting in March. YAY! I had also toyed around with the idea of starting a youTube channel. I did do that. And let me tell you it is a learning experience. Still working on getting a tripod for my iPhone and learning how to edit videos but over all I'm having fun with it and that is what I set out to do.

Now on to the areas I have not been so successful in:

C25K --- that's a nope once I got of track I never seemed to get back on. Which is something I definitely plan on concentrating on this coming month. No excuses, either I want it or I don't.

Relational --- that ones kind of a hit or miss, at what point is a friendship to far gone to try and save?

Spiritually -- we have fallen behind on our daily devotionals, and have yet to attend church.

Financially -- I'd like to say I'm on track but in reality it was a rough month weather wise and well living in an old house sometimes results in higher bills. So its a one step forward two steps back dance at the moment but we will get there.

I still use my bullet journal to plan out my schedule as far as our life goes. Still trying to incorporate it into my daily life so I'll be more productive.

Where are you guys at on your goals for 2018? Any tips for getting back on track with my goals?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Floral Decor Challenge

As you all know my original plan for this project was a no go. So we decided instead to go with a floating tea cup. Due to an illness I did not get it completed in time for the February 19th, cut off but here is my video showcasing the project so far.

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And check out At Home With Shara C to see her floral decor process video.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

DIY - Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Hi everyone,

Sorry it has been a while since I've posted. Between work and just an overall sense of exhaustion I’ve been struggling. Today I am battling day 3 of a horrible migraine but I am determined to get this posted.

Over the course of the last week I did sneak in a little time each evening to get a little crafting done. The tissue holders above are quite easy to make but due to the nature of the beast (painting that is) it can be a timely endeavor, when it comes to allowing the paint and sealer to dry.

Originally my plan was to do a tissue jar with plaster of Paris flowers. You see my sister challenged me to join her in a YouTube challenge she found. Sounds quite simple really, do a floral home decor project, record your process and post. Well I had to be all extra and attempt the plaster of Paris flowers because I wanted it to look just so. 

As you can see above they are quite pretty, but they were a Pinterest fail for me. It could have been because I used chalk paint to color the plaster or maybe I didn't let them cure long enough. Either way ir was a flop this time. But I will be trying it again.

Now on to the  tissue jars themselves. Who doesn't love a mason jar? Even Skull got in on the action on this one. The red one above his handy work.  All you need are few simple items.  
  1. Mason Jar - quart size - i got mine from Michaels, Skull, got his from the pantry
  2. Alochol swab
  3. Chalk paint - We used the ——- brand from Michaels
  4. Foam brush
  5. Tissues — We used Kleenex perfect fit (bit pricey but as the name says its a perfect fit) 
  6. Cardstock — “for the lid”
  7. Pencil
  8. Sisscors
  9. Mod Podge Spray Sealer (optional)
  10. Vinyl (optional) - to use as a decal (like we did) or as a stencil for your design
  11. Patience 
The first thing we did was wipe our jars down with an alochol swab, made sure the jar was dry, then it was time for the first coat. This is where patience comes in. Let that dry and repeat two more times. 

While waiting for the paint to dry grab your pencil and trace your lid, using scissors cut it out and cut an “x” in the middle.

 Running low on patience like I do? Grab your hair dryer you can shorten drying time using one. A quick trip outside to spray with sealer and more drying time.
After all that is done decorate as desired. We used my Cricut and vinyl decals, ribbon, and a few flowers on mine. Once decorated it is time to assemble. Grab your Kleenex fill the jar, feed one through the card stock lid, put your ring on and viola you are done.

 There are quite a few videos tutorials on YouTube for these jars, even one on how to fill them using any brand of tissues. I'll link my favorites below.

  1. Tashas Creative Side -- jar tutorial
  2. For Sophie Designs -- refill tutorial

 Not interested in diy but would love one for your home check out AmysAdoreablesNC and pick one up today.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with other links listed on this page. These are just personal favorites of mine.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

January Review

January was an incredbily rough month for me. I just could not seem to get it together. Out of the 5 areas I had chosen to focus on I was only sucessful in two of them. Now with that being said Rome was not built in  a day.

 This month I have shifted my focus in ways that will hopefully make me more sucessful in reaching my goals.  Its a little less ridgid  and I feel more likely to help me get where I would like to  be long term.  
  How was your January? Any big goals for  February?     

Sunday, January 28, 2018

First EVER YouTube Video is Up

Nothing the least bit intimidating about setting up a YouTube channel right? I used my iPad and imovies to create my fist YouTube video showcasing my February bullet journal set up flip through. Hopefully over time I will become more comfortable with doing voice overs and learn more about setting up my video so it flows smoothly. 

Check it out here.

I started out very simple with a monthly overview, followed by monthly focus page and weekly tasks, (inspired by Lisa Jacob's Your Best Year), on to money matters, and then last but not least my set up for #incowrimo. 

I used several stamped images to decorate my journal this time. If interested I can list the names/links. Just let me know.

Happy Crafting.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bullet Journal Tidbits

 One of the ways that helps me relax is taking the time every weekend to set up my bullet journal for the following week. Though I don’t have that many things that I need to schedule it’s nice for me to be able to go to one place and know exactly what I need to do this week and what is coming up for the following week.

On my weekly spreads I include one small self care tracker each week.  I have tried using the more traditional monthly trackers to keep track of these kind of things however I have found that I tend to forget them.  What I track each week is determined by what I feel I need to work on at the moment.

 My weekly spread is condensed as I use daily spreads  to journal and reflection on our devotionals. If I need more room for that day I simply add it to my dailies.  

One of my favorite spreads that I use every month is my gratitude journal. I try every day to write one small thing that I am grateful for. Some days it’s as simple as having Tylenol for headache and other days its things like knowing my friends and family are always there.  Some months this page is full of doodles and symbols other months it’s a quick list.

 Im not much of an artist when it comes to doodling or drawing but I do love a splash of color. itry to stick to 2/3 colors for the month and see where or takes me. I'm thinking about trying my hand at a themed February next month. Using my lightpad and tracing the images. Did a little practicing today; im not sold on it yet. Let me know what you think in the comments below.