Sunday, September 3, 2017

Planner vs Bujo

I have 2, yes two mini happy planners and a classic. Each one has its own purpose but I struggle to use them. Working the standard 8 to 5 requires no real planning. My personal life again requires no true planning. Other than the schedule for the MC there is nothing to plan around. But I love the process of setting them up and want to use them.

Enter a Bujo into the mix. (Thank you Michaels for great sales).

I set up a wellness journal, medical history and what not. I'm currently loving the trackers and tracking my habits (wellness) and my weight. Thinking this might be the trick for me. Since I wanted this one to be focused on wellness and getting healthy I grabbed another one for a happiness journal.

For my happiness journal it has things like my books to read collection, crafty wips, and a fall bucket list. My goal with it is to keep track of books I read, craft ideas and projects in progress, as well as note things that make me happy.

Books To Read Collection

Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Crazy Life -- Hodge Podge of Crafting

As predicted life has gotten hectic with it being Spring. I did manage to spend some time in the craft room last weekend, sneak in a girls night and some time int there today.

In not particular order here are my "pretties" from the week.

Bookmarks and some just for fun super girls

A little water color experiment with a pull tab section. 

Girls night out. Wine and Design a first for me. Something I'd definitely like to go do again.


Sunday, March 26, 2017


Spring is easily my favorite time of year. Allergies aside, watching the flowers bloom, farmers work the fields and all the wildlife come out to play, its a wonderful thing. It's also the beginning of riding season so my Saturdays will soon be filled with motorcycles and friends, which of course means a little less time in the cove. But its a wonderful trade off.

Today its just me and the girls again so we are back in here creating our own little world. Today Easter is on my mind, trying to work out the details with Skull for the club Easter egg hunt and making sure I have everything I need ready for that. So its only fitting that todays craft follow suit.

Featuring Lawn Fawn: Hoppy Easter
Using design space and my Cricut to make the scene building pieces I whipped up a quick little card using Lawn Fawns Hoppy Easter stamps and dies. Colored of course with my Spectrum Noir markers.

I used the following colors on the images:

Carrots - GB5, OR 1 DG3, CG2
Bunny --- IG1, IG2, PP3
Basket -- GB8, GB10
Eggs --- CT3, PP3, PP5, PL4

Saturday, March 25, 2017

SSS Card Kit -- April 2017

Eek!!! So excited my first ever Simon Says Stamp Card kit came today. It feels like I've been waiting for it forever, since watching all the sneak peak videos on YouTube.
Box full of happiness right here.

Already stamped out the images and added them to my stamp inventory binder. Shocked? Me to. Then instantly on to stamping and coloring.

I used my Spectrum Noir markers to color the images, using only the colors I have on hand I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
Elephant -- was a bear for me to color. I started with his ears in a light pink (PP3). Then moved on to my greys. I used the combo of IG1, IG2, and IG4, there was a lot of tip to tip method involved and some hmm, lets just go one solid grey, followed by some detailed shading. He's a little darker than I had hoped but I think he is just adorable.
Lion -- was tricky for me as well. I'm limited to my markers I have on hand and can usually come up with a combo that works for me. Well I have never colored a lion before. I ended up using my flesh tones and a yellow. I used FS3, TN2 and CT1 to get the fur color for my lion. His mane I went with GB8 and GB10.
Giraffe -- I am absolutely in love with him. He was the first image I tackled and I had the most fun picking out the colors I needed to try and shade him. I used the same combo with him as I did on the lion adding PP3 to his ears and cheeks, with IG 6, IG8, and IG10 for his hooves.
Penguin -- I used a simple go to combo of IG6, IG8, and IG10 for the darker areas. For his beak and little feet I used OR1 and GB5. For the white belly I used IG2 and my colorless blender to add some shading.  
First completed project: So simple and so true.
A Bookmark for my Love

Family Time

Last weekend was an unexpected treat for me. In addition to my Momma spending the weekend I had two of my monsters for the day Saturday. Of course one of my nieces favorite things to do is craft with me. Her brother is also no stranger to the craft-room. We spent most of the day in here paper crafting and creating memories.

Making memories

Over all it was a great day with lots of laughs. Now someone just needs to get in here and clean up the mess.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Rearranging and More

It's been a busy week. I've kept up the best I could with the color challenge. Missed two days due to severe sinus/allergy headaches. Those images can be found on my Instagram page. (Link is on the right of the screen)

In addition to coloring I've done some rearranging in the cove. A new to me table, courtesy of my sister cleaning out her craft space and I have a ton of extra work space. Keep in mind this is still a work in progress. But so far I'm loving the extra table space.

Who knew I'd like my alcohol markers better in a basket than in the little white shelf? Certainly not me. 

Still working on cataloging my stamps and dies.

What are you all working on?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Happenings Around The Cove

Still organizing and doing some more purging. Progress is slow but it's coming together. 

I decided to do The Daily Marker 30 day challenge again. So far here are my efforts:

Day One:  This image was an absolute joy for me to color, as I'm sure you can imagine. If you look closely you notice that little seahorse is missing his stomach. Well when reaching for the last marker to finish the shading in that area I didn't pay attention to what I was doing I carefully when I was picking up the marker. Yep you guessed it grabbed the wrong one little guy stomach was bright red. So I grab my X-Acto knife and a little surgery. I decided to spend some time during this challenge practicing blending my pinks with markers I have on hand.

Paper Nest Dolls: Mermaid with Seahorse

Day Two:  I just love these stamps. I worked on blending my greens and doing highlights in black hair on this project.

Santoro's Gorjuss Urban Stamps
Day 3:  I took some images that I had previously colored and combined them with the challenge. On this card my coloring for the day was creating the hardwood floor at the bottom of the scene and doing some shading on the desk. 

Lawn Fawn Sewn with Love
Day 4:  This little stamp while adorable has pose a big challenge for me in the past. That little belt and all those ruffles have long been torture for me to try to color.  Overall I'm very pleased with how she turned out.

C.C. Designs Birthday Twila

What have you been working on?

Happy Crafting

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Project Organization: Stamps

    Time to get everything organized so its easy to come in get what I want out and craft. I've been in here for a little while now and I've learned some of the ways I had originally organized my room is just not working for me. So this weekend I started with my stamps. 
    Boy do I have a lot of them. I've started a stamp binder. I did it for two reasons. One, to be able to glance through and see the images I have when I want to sit down and create without having to drag out all my stamps and go through them. Two, so I can hopefully avoid buying duplicates.  My binder and stamps will all be organized by manufacturer. Right now its kind of time consuming to get it caught up. But it should be easy to maintain once I get through this part.

     My storage will be similar to that of Jennifer McGuire. I'll be using Avery Elle pockets or Simon Says Stamp pockets to store my stamps and matching dies. I'll be placing them by manufacturer in the baskets. I however, will not be sorting alphabetically or by theme at this time.
Below are some links to the items I'm using:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Planner

     It's happened ya'll, I finally switched over completely to the Happy Planner my sister gave me. I spent some time Saturday adding in all the events for the MC, switching over birthday information and what not.

     In addition to using it as my planner I've decided to use it as my weight loss journal as well. I used some pink card stock, some white card stock and some of the die cuts I had pre-colored to decorate the pages for that. Oh and stamps lets not forget them.

Journal Pages for Planner

     We spent sometime out and about Saturday morning, getting some fresh air therapy. Translation we walked around the local flea market. Grabbed a shelf for the cove, a little paint and it'll be making its way to my wall soon. We also took the kiddos out for a ride.

Annie Belle
     Today I've gotten all my Valentine's packaged and ready to be delivered. Yes, they will all be hand delivered this year. Tackled cleaning up the major mess we've made in the cove the last few weeks and managed to spend some quality time with my sweetie.

Its a beautiful day here in eastern NC today, off to spend sometime in the sun. Grabbing the camera and the babies and going to see what shots I can get today.

Happy Crafting

Friday, February 10, 2017

Wish I Was Crafting

Nothing like being home with a stomach bug to make you miserable. Haven't left the house in two days means I'm both miserable and going stir crazy. While I've spent the last few days in bed someone did some creeping in the cove. 

He spent some time in there putting his decals on. The white lighters are double sided.

He also finished the treat jar for Mary and Midnight.

I'd love to be in there right now creating something, I think it's best if I just curl up with my fur babies and a good book and let this mess run its course.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crafting With Skull and a Card

So tonight Skull pops up with I want you to make me some decals. Nothing new about that, however tonight he wasn't quite sure to start with about what he wanted. Didn't take him long to decide. We broke out the Cricut and vinyl. Here is the beginning of Mary and Midnight's cat treat jar and some lighter art. I'll share the completed projects after he gets them done. You see, my parts done now. Designed and weeded he'll take it from here.

Monday night I spent sometime in the cove and created my last Valentine for the year. A quick and simple project. I used the background paper I created last week and one of the colored cupids. 

As always happy crafting.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Not Much Craftiness

Last week was a big week for our family. We added to our family by one. We traveled to SC Monday night to pickup our newest furbaby. Miss Annie wormed her way in to our hearts very quickly. 
So after picking her up that night and making our way home I headed into work on Tuesday. Boy was I tired that called for an early night. Midway through the day on Wednesday my first migraine in a while hit me. Miserably I pushed through the work week. Somethings you just have to do. My evenings I pretty much collapsed when I got home.

A little time Saturday was spent creating. One more Valentine made. It's amazing how much coloring these images relax me.

Another card started. Made my own background using a Darcie embossing folder and my markers. This will be featured on my last Valentine for the year.

Today was family day, brunch with all my monkeys. And they got to meet Annie. Followed by a baby shoes for a dear friend and coming back home to rest before Monday.

Happy Crafting

Monday, January 30, 2017

Cove vs Cave

Some days I think he enjoys the cove more than I do. So thankful he enjoys spending time with me in my space. Of course we do make a lot for his area. Here he is the man that made his wonderful area possible for me showing off our latest project for his "man cave".

Being in a MC he goes by the name Skull, so of course the man cave needed a proper sign.

Quick small card for Valentines Day Sunday afternoon. Practice makes perfect right?

Happy Crafting

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Sneak Peek

Good Morning,

     It's a beautiful chilly morning here at home. Family brunch is over and its my time to sit back in the cove to create and relax. So here I am, music playing with Remy curled up at my feet pondering what I should make next. All sorts of fun happenings the last part of last week. Girls night with my sister and niece Friday night was just what I need.  Amazing how a walk around a craft store boosts my creative side.

On the planning side of things:
     Last week of the month and I'm still using it. My sister decided to do a bullet journal and gifted me her happy planner this week so I'm just now starting to try and get it set up and plan how I want to use it.

     January has actually been a  big month for me and crafting as a whole. Working on cards, ideas flowing for ones I'd like to make, and just sitting here coloring images. We've set a budget (yes I hate that word) for our house hold. I have a monthly allowance starting in February for my crafts. Goal is a homemade family Christmas this year. So I need to start the work early.,  I've add a few things to my collection this month to help with that. My Mommas should be completed before to much longer.
     One amazing thing about my guy is he really listens when I say what I'd like. Valentine's Day is our anniversary. I told him I'd love a MISTI (who wouldn't) but told him that he could get the Stamp Perfect much cheaper and use a coupon. So this is what I got as an early anniversary present my stamp press and some shaker card pieces. I've already played with the stamp perfect and I love it.
1 Year Anniversary

So for the sneak peak. Below is the beginnings of the official Sassy Cove sign. I'm so excited. Every color was carefully chosen and pulled together with the help of Skull. Designed in Design Space and cut using my Explore Air. The layering is a challenge that he is looking forward to. (He does most of the layering transferring and layering on any vinyl project.

What are you all working on right now?
Happy Crafting

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday

Works In Progress

What can I say, I have a few cards in the works. A cross stitch piece underway and some notebook inserts for my niece.
Cross stitching was definitely my first crafting love. I've had this project in the works for over a year. I started it as a project at my sisters on girls day when I was between jobs. It hung out in her cabinet for a while until I've finally brought it home. My niece and I share a love for lighthouses. My goal is to have this piece completed by her birthday in July.

Cards in progress will feature these two adorable stamps from C.C. Designs, on the left is Rose and the right is cupid. Another card will be featuring Lawn Fawn's Stinkin Cute stamp set. (sorry for the poor photos, working on getting better lighting).

Last but not least, one notebook insert completed for my niece, I have one left to go. This one features Gorjuss: You Brought Me Love Stamp and a few hearts scattered from Lawn Fawn's Science of Love. Her name was done with vinyl using Cricut Design Space and  the font is Elizabeth. So ethics is covered now to knock one out for calculus.

Goal for the rest of this week is to get two birthday cards out in the mail and get some more valentines card completed.
Happy Crafting

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Weeks Worth of Crafting

I've been fortunate enough to have some quality time in the Cove this week. Several cards made, a few in progress and a baby shower gift out the door. I've enjoyed my new space so much I can't believe I went a so long with very little crafting. I know once riding season starts time on the weekends will be limited by I fully plan on getting my crafting time in this year.

The first card I made was for my niece for Valentines Day. I had the idea in my mind for a few days tossing it around thinking about how I was going to do it. It's perfect for her. Of course looking at it I see the ways I would do it differently if I were to make it again. This card features Lawn Fawn's Wish You Were Here stamp set and their Color My World set. Simple card with some masking and spectrum noir makers.


The second card I worked on this week was a birthday card. It was a flop. Sometimes using what you have on hand just won't work. This was one of those times. So it's back to the drawing board for this birthday card. It also features a Lawn Fawn Stamp, Winter Unicorn. Stay tuned to see how it all works out.

Third and final card of the week was a Valentine for my sweetie. It's my take on Sandy Allnocks Octipi my Heart card. I used memento tuxedo black ink and a red spectrum noir maker. That's all. So simple. Love how if turned out.

Check out her video for her card here:
or follow her blog here:

Final project for the week was a baby shower gift. Miss Ivey Gray will be here before we know it and I'm one excited "Aunt". Thanks to my Cricut and my "hoard" of supplies we whipped up a quick yet meaningful gift in no time. A night light for the nursery.

In addition to these projects I also colored some images for a third card. I'll share those later in the week as I make more progress.

Happy Crafting

Monday, January 16, 2017

Settling In and Getting my Hands Dirty

I'm not sure I can craft without getting something on me.  Either it's on my hands or my clothes I wear my work. I think I should make a apron. (I'll put that on the to do list).

Spent much of Sunday creating in design space. A wall hanging or two is in progress.  After that I spent some time creating a card base and template for a basic rectangular shaker card. We won't talk about how long something that should have been so simple took me. But it's done. I used all design space elements to make it.

Enjoyed my day off spending it in my craft cove. Decided to indulge in my love of The Little Mermaid and decorate my room with a lean towards that. So a few mermaids will make an appearance along the way. I dove right into another birthday card. This one featuring Stampin Up Totally Cool Stamp set. Thanks to my amazing guy for spending the day in the cove with me and helping me get my measurements right,
Supplies listed below:

Now to finish off the month of January. One birthday card to go, a baby shower card and all my valentine cards.
110 lb coordination cardstock
spectrum nior markers
white gel pen
Recollections Home Basics 6x6 Paper Pad
Momento Tuxedo Black Ink
Lawn Fawn Let's Polka in the Meadow Paper Pad
Scotch Foam Tape
 and some scrap yellow and green card stock I had in my stash
Don't forget to check out January's give away.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, January 14, 2017

First Card In Quite A While

    Anyone else like me, after watching all these amazing YouTube videos and reading all the amazing blogs, I all to often fall into the mindset that I can't do that I don't have the right stuff. I talk myself out of even trying. So today, I decided to tackle a shaker card, using only things I have on hand.

Perfect? No. But it was a joy to make. To get in here, come up with an idea and make a magical mess creating it. And I'm sure the friend receiving it this week will love it.
I grabbed my stamps, inks, and some headphones and went to town. I used colors I thought would make the recipient smile: worn lipstick, scattered straw, shaded lilac and salty ocean.
I used quite a bit of supplies to make it. I'll list them below and try to include some links to where you can find these items. The important part is to remember we can always be creative with what we have if we stop doubting ourselves and go for it.
Lawn Fawn Year Four Stamp and Die Sets
Lawn Fawn Lets Polka in the Meadow Paper Pack
Mama Elephant Border Die
Mini Distress Inks/Blending Tool
Fiskars Circle Punch
Spectrum Niors
Exacto Knife
Darice Puffy Clouds Embossing Folder
Downside: now I have to go clean up the mess I made.

New Craft Room And January Give Away

It's done. We managed to get it all set up and organized. I'm sure as I'm in here more and using it I'll make some changes. But for now, here it is.

The view from the door. It's a half door. Long story, but it works for me.

Work area and main storage.

My desk and storage for items I think I'll use the most.

So that's done. On to my goal of more happy mail. Two birthdays into the new year, one card sent out. Sadly store bought but it still counts, right? The second I made sure to call personally and not send a more generic text or Facebook post.

Another birthday is coming up this week, so I'm hoping to spend some time this afternoon in my gloriously space working on her card.
I did mention a January's give away, this month I'm giving away one of the stamp and die sets I feature in the card(s) I make this month. Lawn Fawn's year four set. (See photo below) To enter simply comment on this post your favorite thing about your crafting space by 10 pm eastern standard time on January 28, 2017. All names will be entered into Lucky Raffle and the winner will be announced on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 here on my blog.

Happy crafting!

Friday, January 6, 2017

World's Worst Blogger


That would be me. The world's worst blogger. I started it was excited about it and wanted to learn all the ins and outs and continue into the awesomeness that can be blogging. Several things, I let life get in the way, started not one, but two new jobs. A new relationship, love him but man does that cut into the "free" time I had before. Then you add in trying to figure out this app and how to post, follow and comment using it. Other than posting is that even possible? Needless to say this along with my crafting (for the most part) took a back seat to other things in life.

This year my goal is to be more organized. Even bought a planner (wonder if I'll use it past January) to help me stay on track. My crafting goal is to send more happy mail. Wether it be hand made cards, little baskets for Valentine's Day or Easter, just random gifts created using my Cricut, stamps/dies and various craft supplies. And to be a more active blogger.

To get me jumpstarted on this project I have went through my entire planner and every birthday for the year is already documented both in the monthly view and in the weekly  layouts so I know who's birthday's coming up and when I need to mail out the happy mail. (Side note, I think I could really get into planner decorating)

It's the first week of the new year and I'm excited to say that I've moved into our new home and have a whole room dedicated to my craft haven. 

Progress Pics
 From dull and stained to beautiful Swan Lake.

My sweetie and my Momma have been hard at working getting it all pulled together for me. 

I think it's coming along beautifully.

As I sit here typing this I'm eager to get in there, get it set up and get crafting. This weekend is all about setting up the craft room. Hey, if eastern NC is going to snowbound I might as well enjoy it. ❄️

See ya soon, with updates on the room and even a craft or two ~ Phoebe