Sunday, February 19, 2017

Project Organization: Stamps

    Time to get everything organized so its easy to come in get what I want out and craft. I've been in here for a little while now and I've learned some of the ways I had originally organized my room is just not working for me. So this weekend I started with my stamps. 
    Boy do I have a lot of them. I've started a stamp binder. I did it for two reasons. One, to be able to glance through and see the images I have when I want to sit down and create without having to drag out all my stamps and go through them. Two, so I can hopefully avoid buying duplicates.  My binder and stamps will all be organized by manufacturer. Right now its kind of time consuming to get it caught up. But it should be easy to maintain once I get through this part.

     My storage will be similar to that of Jennifer McGuire. I'll be using Avery Elle pockets or Simon Says Stamp pockets to store my stamps and matching dies. I'll be placing them by manufacturer in the baskets. I however, will not be sorting alphabetically or by theme at this time.
Below are some links to the items I'm using:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happy Planner

     It's happened ya'll, I finally switched over completely to the Happy Planner my sister gave me. I spent some time Saturday adding in all the events for the MC, switching over birthday information and what not.

     In addition to using it as my planner I've decided to use it as my weight loss journal as well. I used some pink card stock, some white card stock and some of the die cuts I had pre-colored to decorate the pages for that. Oh and stamps lets not forget them.

Journal Pages for Planner

     We spent sometime out and about Saturday morning, getting some fresh air therapy. Translation we walked around the local flea market. Grabbed a shelf for the cove, a little paint and it'll be making its way to my wall soon. We also took the kiddos out for a ride.

Annie Belle
     Today I've gotten all my Valentine's packaged and ready to be delivered. Yes, they will all be hand delivered this year. Tackled cleaning up the major mess we've made in the cove the last few weeks and managed to spend some quality time with my sweetie.

Its a beautiful day here in eastern NC today, off to spend sometime in the sun. Grabbing the camera and the babies and going to see what shots I can get today.

Happy Crafting

Friday, February 10, 2017

Wish I Was Crafting

Nothing like being home with a stomach bug to make you miserable. Haven't left the house in two days means I'm both miserable and going stir crazy. While I've spent the last few days in bed someone did some creeping in the cove. 

He spent some time in there putting his decals on. The white lighters are double sided.

He also finished the treat jar for Mary and Midnight.

I'd love to be in there right now creating something, I think it's best if I just curl up with my fur babies and a good book and let this mess run its course.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crafting With Skull and a Card

So tonight Skull pops up with I want you to make me some decals. Nothing new about that, however tonight he wasn't quite sure to start with about what he wanted. Didn't take him long to decide. We broke out the Cricut and vinyl. Here is the beginning of Mary and Midnight's cat treat jar and some lighter art. I'll share the completed projects after he gets them done. You see, my parts done now. Designed and weeded he'll take it from here.

Monday night I spent sometime in the cove and created my last Valentine for the year. A quick and simple project. I used the background paper I created last week and one of the colored cupids. 

As always happy crafting.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Not Much Craftiness

Last week was a big week for our family. We added to our family by one. We traveled to SC Monday night to pickup our newest furbaby. Miss Annie wormed her way in to our hearts very quickly. 
So after picking her up that night and making our way home I headed into work on Tuesday. Boy was I tired that called for an early night. Midway through the day on Wednesday my first migraine in a while hit me. Miserably I pushed through the work week. Somethings you just have to do. My evenings I pretty much collapsed when I got home.

A little time Saturday was spent creating. One more Valentine made. It's amazing how much coloring these images relax me.

Another card started. Made my own background using a Darcie embossing folder and my markers. This will be featured on my last Valentine for the year.

Today was family day, brunch with all my monkeys. And they got to meet Annie. Followed by a baby shoes for a dear friend and coming back home to rest before Monday.

Happy Crafting