Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Idle Chatter

Hi everyone,

If you've been around a while you know I was all set to make some changes and refine several areas of my life as we began 2018. I'll saddened to say I've only managed to stay on track with maybe two of those goals.

I did enroll in college and will be starting in March. YAY! I had also toyed around with the idea of starting a youTube channel. I did do that. And let me tell you it is a learning experience. Still working on getting a tripod for my iPhone and learning how to edit videos but over all I'm having fun with it and that is what I set out to do.

Now on to the areas I have not been so successful in:

C25K --- that's a nope once I got of track I never seemed to get back on. Which is something I definitely plan on concentrating on this coming month. No excuses, either I want it or I don't.

Relational --- that ones kind of a hit or miss, at what point is a friendship to far gone to try and save?

Spiritually -- we have fallen behind on our daily devotionals, and have yet to attend church.

Financially -- I'd like to say I'm on track but in reality it was a rough month weather wise and well living in an old house sometimes results in higher bills. So its a one step forward two steps back dance at the moment but we will get there.

I still use my bullet journal to plan out my schedule as far as our life goes. Still trying to incorporate it into my daily life so I'll be more productive.

Where are you guys at on your goals for 2018? Any tips for getting back on track with my goals?

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  1. Biggest tip — don’t beat yourself up. Start with today and go forward. I also find that making a few small goals each month is easier than making annual ones, but that may just be me.