Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bullet Journal Tidbits

 One of the ways that helps me relax is taking the time every weekend to set up my bullet journal for the following week. Though I don’t have that many things that I need to schedule it’s nice for me to be able to go to one place and know exactly what I need to do this week and what is coming up for the following week.

On my weekly spreads I include one small self care tracker each week.  I have tried using the more traditional monthly trackers to keep track of these kind of things however I have found that I tend to forget them.  What I track each week is determined by what I feel I need to work on at the moment.

 My weekly spread is condensed as I use daily spreads  to journal and reflection on our devotionals. If I need more room for that day I simply add it to my dailies.  

One of my favorite spreads that I use every month is my gratitude journal. I try every day to write one small thing that I am grateful for. Some days it’s as simple as having Tylenol for headache and other days its things like knowing my friends and family are always there.  Some months this page is full of doodles and symbols other months it’s a quick list.

 Im not much of an artist when it comes to doodling or drawing but I do love a splash of color. itry to stick to 2/3 colors for the month and see where or takes me. I'm thinking about trying my hand at a themed February next month. Using my lightpad and tracing the images. Did a little practicing today; im not sold on it yet. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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