Wednesday, January 3, 2018

On The Home Front (1)

This Christmas, my sister gave us an instant pot. At first I was a little intimated by it. I mean doesn't everyone picture a giant 70's golden mustard pot steaming away on the stove when they think pressure cookers? I can still hear  "Don't bump that, it'll explode" just like it was yesterday. (I think they meant the jars inside not the actual caner)

So as I'm setting this bad boy up for the first time, my anxiety is high and I'm picturing exploding pots in my mind. For our first meal we went supper simple. Breakfast oatmeal. I know it sounds kind of blah but it was delicious. (I’ll link the cookbook below)

Since that first meal I think we have used it everyday at least once for something. We have cooked rice (several times), hard boiled eggs, oatmeal again, and our traditional southern black-eyed peas and ham hock for New Year's Day.

I have some tried and true crock pot recipes that we have found converted to Instant Pot recipes. I can't wait to try the Hawaiian chicken in my instant pot. Oh and to pick up some accessories, from my reading it seems I can do PIP (pot in pot) method and cook multiple things at one time. Can you say Hawaiian chicken with rice. Both done at exactly the same time.

For more tips and tricks check out  By Hearth and At Home --- I must confess I called her tonight to help determine how to make our supper. Bacon Cheddar Ranch Pasta -- all in the instant pot in approximately 12 minutes or so.

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Find the Breakfast Oatmeal here

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  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying it! I love how fun they are to just play with.....and less washing up to do.